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Google recently released an update known as SMITH update. After such a long-time google roll out its new update. Due to COVID-19, certain restrictions were applied and some are still there due to which google took such a long time to launch a new update. This update is said to better than the BERT UPDATE. As it help in identifying the important data while ignoring out the irrelevant data. This would help Google to better understand the CONTENT of the long blogs/articles as we all know the fact that `CONTENT IS KING`. So, content plays a major role in determining the rankings of a website address/URL.

Google Smith Update 2


We can say that SMITH UPDATE is much more powerful than BERT UPDATE. Also, many SEO EXPERTS claims to be precisely 400% more powerful than BERT UPDATE. BERT UPDATE (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) helps to understand the data sets to predict randomly hidden words within the context within sentences. The SMITH algorithm is trained to predict what the next block of sentences is. So, it is one of the reasons for updating the GOOGLE.

Able to Understand long documentsAble to Understand long passages
Processes each sentence blocks individuallyCompares sentences before & after & also in a separate paragraph to better interpret the passage
Breaks down the document into passages or sentence blocks to better interpret the documentNot Able to clearly understand Long Documents
Helps in processing large document & giving USERS more accurate results in SERPHelps understand user intent behind large search queries

Why SMITH UPDATE is released now?

Google always has been trying to give his USERS the best experience than any other existing search engine. That is why GOOGLE stood ahead. For showing best results to the USER QUERY, google have set certain algorithm to refine it’s result. Such algorithms are time to time updated by GOOGLE to get better-desired results. GOOGLE has always faced the problem of understanding LONG-BLOGS/ARTICLES as they comprise such a huge amount of data. So for that purpose, only such UPDATES are released by Google.


GOOGLE is more likely to launch such updates related to text, image & voice search for its USERS. GOOGLE always focuses on the CONTENT as CONTENT is the KING.

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