Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an online marketing tool through which we promote our business online. In Social Media Marketing/SMM marketing we tend to aware public about our products and services. Business like restaurants, cake factory, shops, designing and other services get more success when they are inclined towards social media marketing (SMM).

  As we all know in the era of digital marketing, social media marketing plays a keen role in influencing people choices. Let us take an example of a travel business, one businessman influences his customers by posting photos of beautiful scenes with people enjoying the scene. While the other is on social media but rarely uploads photos and so fewer engagements with old and returning customers.

A businessman who is able to give some rewards points for each travel is likely to be more successful. There is so much to achieve through social media marketing.

On an account, the total world population (up to Dec 2019) is 7.8 billion, out of which 4.54 billion internet users are there.

How to Influence people through social media marketing?

Well, this question is really tricky especially when it comes to engaging 3.725 billion active social media users. In fact, it all depends on the nature of business. The major deciding factor is whether your business is product-based or service-based. Product-based business is more likely to post on social media about offers, discount on special events, new product launch videos, gifs, images.

Services-based business is likely to post about their affordable services, customer experiences, the launch of new services, benefits and USP(Unique Selling Point) of their services. Also, a lot of social media influencers are called for the promotion of different products/services.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

When to post content on social media?

There are currently 7.6 social media accounts and on an average, a person spends 142 minutes per day on social media.

When to post content for social marketing is always a crucial factor in any business online. So, when there are chances of more people active on social media then you must post on it. Also, it is different for different countries depending on their time zones.

Based on the survey done by our team, we have estimated the best time to post on social media in Eastern and Indian Standard Time(IST) zones. 

Eastern Time Zone:

3 AM6 AM
5 AM4 AM8 AM6 AM
8 AM9 AM8 AM11 AM8 AM
10 AM11 PM
1 PM
7 PM3 PM6 PM6 PM
9  PM10 PM8 PM

Indian Standard Time (IST):

1:30 PM (2h)1 PM (2h)2 PM (2h)1:30 PM (2h)12:30 AM (2h)10 AM (2h)11 AM (2h)
6 PM (2h)5 PM (2h)7 PM (2h)5:30 PM (2h)4: 30 PM (2h)4 PM (2h)5 PM (2h)

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

To make a Social Media Marketing strategy for your business is highly recommended by social media marketing professionals. It has enormous benefits in it. The social media marketing strategy should be made keeping in mind your audience.

Our team has developed a new social media marketing strategy for online business promotions and high engagement. E-AID Strategy is based on user-experience. It has been really helpful to gain new customer and increase in the number of engagement.

Let us talk about E-AID Strategy in detail:


It is based on four pillars of social media marketing. 

The 4 pillars of social media marketing are:

  1. The attraction of new/returning audience
  1. Interest-based content creation
  1. Engaging customers with special offers/tasks/puzzle
  1. Development of trust

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